-Executive Protection Operatives


Big muscles, good reflex, and skillful hands are characteristic for people without a proper preparation for professional service provision. The good bodyguards are characterized by thinking logically and preventing dangerous situations from happening.

Factual actions are only a little part of the responsibilities of professional from bodyguard services, the main part consist of prevention and thinking ahead.

Our EPO’s service is designed to meet the needs of celebrities such as sporting stars and performers who require the assistance of bodyguard operatives to ensure safe passage between key locations and to be guarded from any threat.

We facilitate the organization of all aspects of the assignment including prior planning and risk assessment.

These services may also be of use to less high-profile people who find themselves the target of stalking or harassment.

We hire bodyguards to Diplomats and corporate executives to ensure their wellbeing and safety. Theft of information, funds and assets are real threats that need to be addressed, as do the threats presented by competitors and adversaries with political agendas. We believe our duty is to detect and mitigate risk before it materializes


-Event Security OrganiZation :


It is important to hire a trained and professional team who can properly manage your event .

We adopts strategies to identify possible inconveniences and operate with speed and accuracy.

Our team are specialise in the operation and smooth administration of large and small-scale events such as music festivals, concerts, fundraisers, sporting attractions, private parties…

Important duties include help with cash escort services at the event, controlling crowds, managing access control, conflict resolution, liaising with emergency services, applying age restrictions, responding to emergencies and any other needs of the client during the event.

ASP Consulting Security managers can assist with acquiring the equipment needed to help your event run successfully and ensure basic equipment such as radios, hand wands, counters, uniforms and stamps are provided to staff at the event.

Other site specific equipment such as barriers & demountables can also be organized, prior to commencement.

We employs qualified and experienced staff to provide the type of Event Security Management service that you need.