Tactical shooting



ar15, Tavor, ak47, ect

This course will focus on the techniques needed to develop a defensive mindset while operating with a riffle.
The following topics will be teach :
Use a riffle ethically, responsibly, and with confidence inside and outside a home or vehicle. as a result of participating in this course the students will be able to demonstrate the safety rules principales of shooting behind concealment and barricade, levels of mental awareness
After completion of this course students will receive the "Riffle Response Training" certificate
This course is only conducted by advance firearms instructors
Price : $299

*Bring your gear, tactical vest, riffle + 3 magazines, 250 rounds

Defensive Vehicle Training

combine NRA and non-NRA course

The goal of this course will be to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to carry and use a concealed pistol responsibly and with confidence in and outside a car.
Student will be able to demonstrate the following :
How to apply the NRA rules for safe gun handling when carrying a concealed firearm, basic principles of concealment, drawing from the holster, shooting from inside and outside the car, rapid shooting, double tap and magazine removal drills
After completion of this course student will receive :
-NRA Defensive pistol
-Defensive Vehicle training

Price : $349

*Bring your gear, tactical belt, Pistol + 3 magazines, 250 rounds


This course is combine with NRA and non-NRA training

The 4 days Advance Firearms Course covers all the fundamentals, theoretical knowledge, weapon handling, shooting position and familiarization for the advanced techniques
Introduction to the pistols, riffles and shotgun, functions of each weapon systems
You will also learn some situational awareness while using a firearm for self defense, close combat and personal protection inside and outside your home.

Course details :
Basic firearm theory for Pistol, Riffle and Shotgun
Shooting position, shooting from concealment and cover
Introduction on bullet proof material
Changing mag drill, drawing and tactical drill
Close combat, situational awareness scenarios
Basic to advance live fire training
Defensive Vehicle training

Course certificates :
NRA Defensive Pistol
Close combat, awareness & surroundings, knife defense drill
Riffle Response Drill
Defensive Vehicle Training

Price : $1299